I need to work on hopemon go!


I don't get it. I go to work on hopemon go, and the next minutes I find my self on the forum helping people! There's multiple reasons why:

1.) I just plain out love the forum

2.) hopscotch seems to crash every time I place a variable

If anyone knows how to fix the crashing, and clear my forum addiction, please tell me! :slight_smile:


What is the problem??? I don't understand XD
also first XD


I need to get rid of my forum addiction, and see if anyone knows how to stop hopscotch from crashing.


To stop forum addiction, get a life. (I'm not trying to be rude, I'm honestly trying to help. I am addicted to the forum cause I have no life XD) So get a life and then you won't have to be on the forum so much! :D


Ok, that is kinda rude. I do have a life, but I just can't decide whether to do hopscotch or hopscotch forum when I have the time. (And... I... do have a life... so yeah.) next time, even saying "not being rude" it can still be offensive to people

But my point is I just can't decide whether to do hopscotch or hopscotch forum when I have the time.


And the bug in hopscotch makes me want to use the forum even more! In fact, @Liza do you know what this bug is even about? I've seen some people talk about it.


Maybe dis could help :grin:


You should announce you need to work on the project and that you won't be on the forum that much


Thanks, but I need to get off the forum and get on hopscotch!


Hopémon GO​:smile:
I luv da name​:stuck_out_tongue:


It is the same with my Pokèmon Go game, you can't reload it :frowning:


I've been working on this game for 4 weeks though. I'm not copying! :frowning:


I'm jk tho. Gosh, apperently truth hurts to some people... But litterally I am on so much cus I haz no life, at least I'm honest bout' that.



Looks awesome! I have played that, I think.