I Need to Tell You Guys Something



I'm nearly crying as I'm writing this, I can feel it in my gut. There's a lot I've been hiding. I've been covering up my tears with fake positive attitude. Some problems are personal, but I'm making a big decision for myself at the moment. I feel like I've lied to you all. These things I say are true, but my ":D" craze isn't. Ever since I started 6th grade, I felt left behind. My emotions made me want to carry out Hopscotch, which made me join the forum. Forced a smile on my face. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I am happy, but these past few days I've felt like a big bully with no point on the forums whatsoever. My topics are disrespectful and I feel disrespectful myself. I apologize to everyone. Even the cyber bullies. I gave them a good reason. I had a few... Email conversations that forced me into a negative mood. I try, so hard, to leave it behind. Some things just stick. Like my cat's sudden death. Today was the day my best friend and I were playing and heard a THUMP. My cat had had a stroke walking down the stairs. The most depressing months of my life. Now, don't turn this into a pity party, please, they drive me insane like all of the topics I have made. But it really is time for a change. I'm sorry. I don't want the problematic thingy with another user IRL to feed trolls. I may not be on as much. All I'm doing is feeding trolls. I feel like I'm not giving the forum that thing it needs. I feel like I'm making pity parties. I'm sorry.


I'm nearly crying as i'm reading this. Now I understand why you don't want a pity party so I won't pity you. But still, please don't go. I know I say it a lot but when I do I mean it.


I lied and I feel guilty. I can't apologize any more.


NOO! Please! Today may be bad but look at tomorrow I remeber my cat dying it's so sad don't give up!


I'm sorry. Honestly, I feel like it is my fault. I feel horrible. Don't leave.


You made the (most likely) most popular topic! You have so many accomplishments you can't let it all go to waste! So many memories. You were there when the drawing topic started. You were there when the bot wars started, I don't think you are bad. And nobody else does. (Except for da trolls who dislike everyone)


Thanks for the support.

I won't be on as much for the next few weeks. Then I bid farewell to my ipad and go off into summer.


That's the saddest way a cat could die, I feel so and for you. Don't bid adieu to your iPad!!


Tell me honestly, please? Is it partly my fault? I feel like it is.:cry:


I have to for the summer. I can still do the forums! My parents said its fine!


Nooooooooooooo!!!!! BUT YOUR AWESOME!!!!! :D
If you feel your topics are insulting try posting about other- happier things and it can boost your mood :D
I really don't want you to go, I look up to you in hopscotch!!! ALOT
Smiling also boosts your mood it's called the facial feedback something I can't remember, smiling boosts your mood! Proved by science :wink:
I'm sooooo sorry about your cat! That's so sad D:
I hope you feel better soon @LazyLizard!


To keep smiling I spend time with my dog and snake. My lizard bites everyone except my friend.

Snake Pic- don't OPEN unless you like snakes


That's really cool! :D


I feel so bad for you! I will make a video dedicated to your cat and a projection memory of your cat! That is so sad, I cried reading this.


Hey. That's tough. A few days ago was my dads birthday. He died last year, two days after he turned forty-five. I've been through this. I'm in grade six as well, and everything has changed. I'm a worse person than who I was a year ago. I'm not saying you are! Changing... Everything can be hard. So just try these things.
Don't bottle everything up like I did. It's a bad, bad idea, eventually you'll explode.
Don't get yourself into these negative situations. If you need someone to talk to, just let me know. I can help.
Do find someone you trust and tell them this. I do not mean this in an offensive way, but therapy can always help.

You can do this, okay?


I feel the same.


That is cool! My mom had a garter snake in college and she fed it whole rats!


Is that the same cat as the one in your profile?
I'm sorry about your cat. My previous cat died a few years ago.
Also, I'm sorry about how you feel. But you can do this. Be a strong Hopscotcher, like @Sparkczy was when her dad died. Think happy thoughts instead of doubting yourself. Remember: the Hopscotch community is ready to help, no matter how messed up the "Help" tab is.


I know you can do it! What are some things that you enjoy?
Do those!
Feel topics are insulting , don't post them and instead post about happy things :D
I really hope you feel better soon


You can talk to me, whenever :D
But if your feeling overwhelmed with emotions maybe talk to a counselor, parents, or another trusted adult :)
Feel you lied to the forum?- maybe if you do the things a said above you can really be happy naturally more often!, not fakely!
I'm sooooo sorry about your cat! That's so sad D:
But I think your snake is really cool!


Thank you everyone.

I decided I won't be on as much in the following days.