I Need To Learn Pixel Art


Can someone teach me how to do pixel art?



All i need is for a tutor or someone to teach me. I want to code better so i can be recognised


You can be recognized for lots more than pixel art. Believe in yourself!

I made two games, and they got top featured. Just work hard and you can achieve greatness...


I agree with you @Sweetlina, this does not need to be made into an entire topic, for one little sentence...


thank you for the support. But i need to code better. I dont get recognised in real life alot either. The reason i am getting more attention in my family is because of my grades and my little brother always getting in trouble. Other than that. I am nothing.


So do you want a pixel art like this: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ya6c0215u


Oh yeah. And the bold text was an accident. Did not realize it until posted. XD


So do you need me to teach you how


Don't worry. Everyone has these moments in their lives, you can get through it...tag me if you need anything​:wink:


It is hard to say it if yes I may make a account and you can log in there so you know know to do it

Tag me if you need anything


Ask one of my favorite Hopscotchers, @BB-Box!
He is a very good friend and make awesome pixel art!

There are more pixel artists out there, ask one of them for help.
I am not good at pixel art, so I can´t help.


Thank-you jducidnsgsysgaya


Sorry for the late reply. I was taking a benchmark. Aced it like a boss. XD


Ok...no need help anymore?


Yes please. This is the first time i have needed help coding from someone who is 2 years younger than me. You seem very nice. I read your bio. I like puppys to. I was gonna get a dog. But because of my dum little brother, i cannot get one. We were only allowed to get the dog if we BOTH got honor roll. But only i got honor roll. 3A's 1B. I have had 4 dogs in my life. Bear bear, montana, haligan, dakota


Oh, yes i do need help tho


Bye. I can talk in about an hour or 2. I have to go to chorus (sing everyday, love everyday) and eat lunch. By!


Omg!i wise I can have a pet puppy,you are so cool that you can have 4 dogs,I got a twin bro thought


Talk another day,maybe tomorrow