I need to get featured plz


i need everyone's help to get featured.
On hs I am The POPCORN Guy


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Hi!!! Oh, your new! I think…
You can't make people get you on featured. You just have to work hard to get there.


Hi @ThePopcornguy!

To get featured, you need to work hard and have a great project or original, creative idea. If you have a great project, other hopscotchers might nominate it for featured! On that topic, The Hopscotch Team members look at all the nominations. If they like it, they'll feature it or put it on rising if it is good, but not quite feature worthy. :smiley:


@Catface4 said it well. :smiley:
To get featured you need to work really hard and to make a project that THT likes or thinks is creative, complicated, innovative, funny, or just plain awesome!
There are ways other hopscotchers can nominate you for featured in this topic and THT looks through those and picks some! :D
A good tip for making a game Feature-Worthy is by having a good title screen that pops out and is colorful or really cool. This increases the chance of someone clicking it, and nominating it, or getting it onto Trending! :slight_smile:
If you're doing a trail art or pixel art, a good idea is making a nice background and letting the trail art finish before publishing, because what makes someone click or like you project depends on what the preview looks like. :smiley:
:slight_smile: THT rarely Features drawings, but if you're a great artist they might Feature one of you drawings, but they rarely do that!
Another secret tip is to try making a game on an iPhone. THT said that they want games on Featured by iPad and iPhone, but not many people publish games on phones, so that increases the chance of them picking you!
There's another tip, too! Try publishing your project on weekdays in the afternoon in EST time. The Hopscotch Team works on weekdays, and the afternoon is a general time to pick projects. The headquarters of Hopscotch is in New York, which is in EST time.
You can also check out this topic for more tips!
Hope this helped! :D


@Snoopy, GOOD JOB


Thank you! :D


Is that-ARGH, CUTENESS. My eyes


The penguin is my favorite animal! :heart:
I literally watch penguins all day online here:


Me see penguin, me click leik.


You need a featured well we can't give you one but you can earn it


I also take screenshots when I see a penguin do something really cute! :heart:
I have a whole folder full of those screenshots... :flushed:


Show me some xD I need to see dis xD


I really like your profile pic. Maybe I can draw it sometime? Oh well, chibi penguin is best penguin. My favourite show used to be happy feet. Still remember that "FLUFFY NO FLOAT" thing



So. CUTE. I can't even- is that penguin head dabbing!?:laughing:


There's too many... ;0;
But here's the folder-


I KNOW! :heart_eyes:
It's so adorable! :D
LGBOT lol :stuck_out_tongue:


We can not give u featured, but u can earn it.


I always look at your profile pic. I just continue to think "It's adorable" over and over again.


Its still head dabbing.