I need to find an app that records my iPad on Mac



Hey Hopscotchers!
I need to find an app that records my iPad on Mac. If you know an app on Mac that records your iPad please let me know!


If you have an iPad that using the lightning cable connector (the small one that is about a cm wide), and your Mac is running OSX Yosemite, you can actually record your iPad's screen directly from QuickTime! Since I do not own a Mac, I am not 100% clear on how to do it (I did know, forgot!), so here is a website that shows how to do it.

Hope This Helps!
- ColeDJ


Great website @ColeDJ which explains QuickTime (and it's automatically downloaded on your Mac already too :smiley:)

You can also watch Hopscotch's YouTube video which explains using QuickTime to record your iPad screen:

This video is for making GIFs from Hopscotch projects, but in the process it shows you how to record your iPad screen too which is how I learned it :smiley:


I can't help with being a Mac but I use airplay (you have to pay on windows) and screencastomatic even though we can use hopscotchs way we had to pay


No not QuickTime! I used it but it didn't work. I have the lighting cable and you guys can just figure this out.


Hmm what do you mean? Are you saying you do not have the function to record your screen through QuickTime or is it just not working?


That's strange it doesn't work @CheekyArcher :frowning: I've used it to record my iPad screen many times. Do you have the latest OS X on your Mac and latest iOS on your iPad?


@ColeDJ I mean that when I plug my iPad's lighting cable, and I open QuickTime Player, it didn't show my iPad and I did tap the thingy right next to the record button, but it didn't show my iPad name. Figure this out!


@t1_hopscotch my iPad version is IOS 8.4.1 and my Mac is 10.6.8.


Sorry for late reply.


Are you running OSX Yosemite, the one with the clean design (the mountain as the background?). And is your iPad somewhat synced with your Mac? Otherwise I'm not sure what is going on, maybe ask this question on the apple community forums, someone may help there!


Ahh okay yeah @ColeDJ that's right, @CheekyArcher you need at least both Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 to record your iPad screen with QuickTime.

OS X Yosemite is 10.10 at least so I think you'll need to update to record with QuickTime. QuickTime is the best way to do it that I know of, since it's already downloaded and all you need is the lightning cable and updated software :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch what do you mean? Do you mean that I have to update my Mac to 10.10 and then download Yosemite or you mean that I have to download Yosemite and it will automatically turn my Mac into 10.10?


@ColeDJ I think you're right. I already replied to t1_hopscotch.


Does your Mac kinda look like

or this

If the first picture looks similar to what your max software looks like, you are not on OSX Yosemite. Here is a link to apples website on how to upgrade if you want.

If your max software looks like the second picture, you are all up-to-date on OSX Yosemite. I am not sure why you cannot record your iPad's screen, so you maybe have to buy/download an airplay app so you can airplay your iPad to your Mac for recording.

Hope this helps :smile:


Hi @CheekyArcher when you update you Mac to the latest version, it will automatically turn your Mac into 10.10 which has all the Yosemite features in it :smile:

You can check @ColeDJ's post above to see if your Mac is Yosemite or not too :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch and @ColeDJ, tell me how to download OS X Yosemite step by step so my problem can get solved.


You can download shou an I use it and I works great here is the website by the way when your iPad asks trust developer? Just click trust it is 100 percent trust I swear. To get the app just search on YouTube how to get shou 2015 enjoy!


I think you'd be better off going on the official Apple website tutorial :smiley: and here's the link to that:


Just a tip when you're there, once you open it on your Mac (or just search up "how to update mac software" to find the website as well) click on the link in this picture:

And once you click it, it'll take you to the App Store where you'll be able to update.

Good luck and fingers crossed all goes well so you can record your iPad screen with QuickTime and be able to record your Hopscotch projects too :smiley:


@t1_hopscotch Is there some way to do this on Windows 10?