I need to chose an name for a country in a game


Like the title says, I need a name for a country (It's basically a game for being a dictator over a country)
I need one soon please, and may use it for my history assignment due tomorrow (Addicted to hopscotch, yet?)


Does it need to be real?


No. It should be fake.


Then how could you use it?
What about Atlania?



idk just


"Hetaoni" would be great, too.






Ummmmm Skyrim?




Something wrong?


Uh, those are pretty good. A few more suggestions, I struggled with today's "Create an onamonopiea" assignment, how can I come up with a country name?


Apparently it's on a coast near Greenalnd and Iceland. I wanted it cold and snowy. Does this help?


Try Latin roots, those are always great. They sound super sophisticated, while still carrying a meaning.

Just look up " [word here] in Latin ", and you'll get something that could totally be a country or fancy name.


Oh ok. How about Halo! Or no mans sky! Or grand theft auto 5!


Cool! Maybe I can use my Latin book to help...


How's "Gelidius"?

I got that from the Latin trick; does it sound good for your game?


"Ora" means coast, so you could use that, too.


I think I got it from here. Thanks!!!

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Thanks again, Google!


I'm going to name it The Republic Of Emmerica" (my first name is Emma, so I figured)


As a default. I'm gonna add a keyboard thingamabob that will change the name.


Chuwori :VVVVVV
I don't know