I Need Title Ideas!



Help! I'm writing a hopscotch story, and I need a tittle! The book is about twins' whose dad died and mom has cancer, and they tell it to HS community. They find out that the people are very insperational and well.... Find out in the story! I will post the link here when I'm done! I'm finishing chapter 2 now.


A tittle? You mean title?


Twin Bond??? Idk it just came up in my head...


Yes, I mean title. Sorry. Typo.


Is this linked to the book your currently working on?
If yes then make it:
The Sky Of Dawn Code


Hmm what about Double code, Bad code, or Determination...


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Hope x2


Thanks! I really like the first one. :blush:






Maybe put them together for Hurting Hope.


Hurting Hope, I like it


How about "twinsome" that was the first thing that came to my head​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ooh, can people be characters? Can characters resemble Hopscotchers? Well, if they can, we or SmileyAlyssa and her twin can be the twins! We really are twins.