I need suggestions for my new game!



I need suggestions for my new game Tappy Arrow! Right now the game only has endless mode. I want more modes to increase the fun on this game! If you want to suggest something but want to see what the game looks like, open the details below ↓. PLEASE don't look at it if you are not gonna suggest anything :wink:.

The game (don't look unless you are gonna suggest


You should have a secret bonus level if you tap something hidden.


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Thanks @Dude73 and @Intellection74 for the suggestions!


Looks great! I can't wait. Gimme a link when you (qoute here) is done with it!

Fix that background.

Pick a light pleasing colour scheme.

Make a shop for buying new arrows like chicks and whales (ask @SmilingSnowflakes for these! She will make epic ones!).

Timed mode.

Level mode.

Tutorial mode.

Epic graphics effects.

Sound effects.

Solid feeling gameplay, this makes the whole game better.

Ease the players into mechanics in a non-threatening way.

Put some form of copy proofer on, like the AHCP 9000 (A Happy Copy-Proofer 9000)

Enough ideas? :laughing:
Well I got more!

Better start screen.

Actual windows for the How to Play.

Make the whole game very solid feeling, Super Mario Bros does this very well, when you jump on the Goomba it feels solid, strong. Like throwing an egg and hearing that Crack!

You has your ideas! That is a long check list! (Bear in mind that I hardly do a lot of this stuff myself :laughing:)


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I think the background arrows could be a bit more organized to make it look more like a background (clones or lots of objects) and the foreground arrows more contrasted from the background. There could be more different kinds of arrows, like an arrow in which you have to tap the one to the left/right of it or an arrow that you have to react with the one above or below it. There could be a game mode where the gameplay is fully action/fast-paced and exciting too!
The idea is super innovative too, and you'll probably get on Game Changers!


What are Windows?


Like windows on a compuper!


So like boxes? XD


Yep! ToT style!


wink wink


Nah, I think you should use a pale brown background, and remove those arrows :slight_smile:


Like this?


Light brown! You could use spring colours!


Time for a Music Contest!

This music contest will last until I finish or have enough music... I hope soon. The contest is for my new game Tappy Arrow! You will be put in the credits! The song has to be only happy and up, if you know what I mean. Good luck! _Stick88


well wow that idea amazing! I agree with @Dude73


A rage mode. Where it makes you really frustrated


Well that is hard in competitive mode :sweat_smile: