I need spookay music


So... Yeah. I'm making a project for HHC2016, and it's complete except for music. So if anybody can help, that would be awesome! I'll make sure that you are credited in my game.


How is everyone complete and I didn't even start yet?


Well, I started before HHC2016 was announced, so I got a little bit of a head start.


Anybody? I don't want to be forced to do the music by myself...


I can try... Whats the theme of the game


Okay- I think I will stay out of this one because I have never done music before !!


I thought you said you quit?


Check my topic.


The theme is trick-or-treating.




Uh okay I have two verses down for repeat, if you want them now ill give them


What do you need


what do you think



That would be awesome!