I need someone who is good with songs



I have made a game and I want to update it with smooth, quiet music in the background. But I need some help. I have seen that @comicvillestudios does some music, so can you help me? What I want is soothing music, like if you've ever played minecraft and that soothing music sometimes starts playing in the background? I want something like that. I also want three sound effects. The first one is a "select" sound, second a "breaking" sound, and last is a sound like you just put down a brick or something. The reason why I'm not doing this on my own is because I'm a complete noob when it comes to music, and I NEED HELP TO DO THIS!!! So, it would be nice if you helped. :wink:


ME!!! I have something called "perfect pitch" which lets me memorize a song and their notes. I also play the piano! :smile:


Ok, @Rawrbear!! You're hired!! You can get other people to do it with you if you want. The very first version is here. Good luck!!!


Cool, Thanks! I'll make "blocks" from Minecraft. :smile:


@Rawrbear got it! When you are done, republish the project with the name "collab: gamergirlofgamers" or something like that and give me the link!!! (By the way, I'm paying you one shoutout per set of sounds and songs) and if you don't know what that means, it just means I will give you a shoutout.


Alright! I'm in for the background music! I'll make a song called "My Neighbour Totoro" by Joe Hisashi , okay?


I love that soothing music in Minecraft too :smile: In fact I went and learnt one of those songs on the piano (It's called Wet Hands. You can search it up and listen to a bit of it)

I have the sheet music and I could add it into your project for you :smiley: The only things are:

  • not all the notes will sound perfect since Hopscotch won't have the whole range

  • it's a nice song but it's not by us, so we'll give credit to C418 (he makes the music for Minecraft) and sorry if you want a song made up specially for the project (I'm not good at that :sweat_smile:)

  • at the moment @Rawrbear and @comicvillestudios are working on other songs for your project so you might like those too, and you can listen to those first :smiley: (otherwise we'll all have lots of different versions of the project)


Wet Hands?? I think I heard that before, I'll look it up in YouTube, and boy HT really needs to increase the octaves.


Cool! I'm going to make the whole song, so it will take a few days. :blush:


@comicvillestudios @Rawrbear ok because you both are going to do it I will make a contest. Whoever makes the best song will also do the sound effects and I will use their song.

@t1_hopscotch I didn't want it to be EXACTLY like the minecraft song, because that feels like copycatting, and I don't think people would be happy with me, along with the fact that every game should have it's own song.

@comicvillestudios and @Rawrbear or you could work together. Do what you want. PLEASE DO NOT EXACTLY COPY OFF TGE SONG FROM MINECRAFT I JUST WANT IT TO BE LIKE THAT!!!! Remember: Shoutouts ARE given.


Yeah I know it would be nicer to have your own song. That's one of the points I mentioned :smiley:


Alright @rawrbear , should we do it together? If you agree I'll make a different topic.


Hmmm.. How would we collaborate? Plus, who would do what? 🤔


@comicvillestudios @Rawrbear I think it would be better if you switched to a new topic now and come back here when you are done with your song(s). Thanks again.


Ok, I will make it! :slightly_smiling:


@Rawrbear good. Just remember to come back here with the link when you are done.


Go here for the collaboration @comicvillestudios! @comicvillestudios