I need someone to help me!


Hi, I just wanted to say that I need help! I have, like, 4 contests going on, 3 clubs going on, and a whole bunch of stuff. I can't run all this, so I need help. I need at least 5 helpers, and you need to have time. That means you have a lot of freetime, when you can help. I will tell you when I need help, so yeah. Thanks to all of you guys. And to the ones who can help me, thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

  • I'm intrested in being a helper
  • I might be able to be a part time helper
  • What do I need to do? I would love to be a helper!


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I'll be a helper!
first and last lol


Okay @TheRainbowChicken, I'm in the middle of watching a comedy show, though. Can you run my Drawing/Art Club? Just search Drawing/Art Club (Please take a peek). I want you to be president, if you want.


And for everyone else who can help except for @TheRainbowChicken, you can chill for now. I'm busy. We'll start this... whenever I have time.


I can help you!!

I can help you with anything


Sorry, I was eating!


I can be a part time helper and I can start now and go on for 50 mins from here, it's 10:40 PM EASTERN and I have to go to bed at 11:30 pm