I Need Somebody To Keep Maintaining The Hopscotch Daily Challenge


So I was looking back at old topics and I realized how much people loved doing HDC, and I think that’s awesome! It kind of makes me cry a little :cry:. Sadly though, I don’t have the motivation or time what so ever to continue posting challenges everyday. That is why I shut the topic down early this month.

For those who don’t know, this forum takes a huge physical toll on my body. I want to come in here most of my days, but I have close to zero time to come on here. When I had to maintain HDC, it wasn’t an option to come on here or not. Most nights I would have to get on the forum just minutes before midnight just so the challenge would be posted for that day. I don’t want sympathy from anyone, but I just like everyone on here to know I was physically harming my body to get on here to post the HDC Challenges, because I cared and knew you guys liked to do them and participate.

But now I am leaving (I don’t know for how long) but I simply can’t come on here most of the time unless if it’s on the weekend. If somebody wants to volunteer to run HDC, that would be completely fine by me. I can’t give much guidance, but just try to copy my topics and changing them based on the month. I want HDC to live on for as long as this forum exists, so when you join, you have to keep doing it. If you have the same problem as me, pass it on to someone else. But also remeber to add new things, people will get bored after awhile. Go wild with your imagination! (Maybe Art Challenges so Artists can participate).

Thank you,



I’m sorry that the forum was doing that to you. If you want, I could help run the HDC, I know how they work and I’ve seen the stuff you do with them. If you’d rather someone else run it, I’m cool with that.


I am so sorry you had to do that…
I may be able to help but not daily, maybe twice a week…


I’ll do it.