I need some song lyrics for my bio


Alrighty give me some song lyrics for my bio please

I need to spark it up


Song suggestions so far:
Starships by nicki minaj
Closer by chain smokers


Can you do the song starships by Nicki minaj


What sort of a song are you looking for? What should the message be like?

Should it be a world-peace sort of song, a women's rights kind of song, a story-based song... et cetera.


Oh I was thinking some good rap or pop music like @PopTart0219


Good idea

I'll add that to the list


Stand By You by Rachel Platten
It's my fave song!


My song I (used to) had was one of my favorites.
Maybe try doing that.
@PopTart0219, is Hips Don't Lie by Shikira. I think that might be one of his/her's favorite songs.
I used to have Renegade by Styx in mine because it was one of my favorite songs.

Maybe just pick on that appropriate and inspirational.


Well.. um rap/pop songs that are appropriate...
This shouldn't be so hard but song writers these days are so annoyingly trashy
How about Just Like Fire, by P!nk?


Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara


Oh yes and that too



Mein Gott, by Koutsushi Osaka.
(okay that was a joke i—)

Try "Let's Enjoy Today" by Noriaki Sugiyama? The lyrics to that one are nice.


What do you like?

There's trash rap and then there's good rap. It depends what you like.

Chance the Rapper is good

hmm.... are you a pop-py person

I would do a less manistream cooler rap or pop song


(Let's Enjoy Today, Noriaki Sugiyama)


Idk to tell u the truth

I just need some good songs


Rap God

Clean Version


Scars to your beautiful


Do the song "Thank you"! "We are the ones the ones who blah blah blah"


no heart 21 savage



ahahaha that song is decent