I Need Some Music.ly Gifted Hopscotchers



I recently posted a speech about the Hopscotch community, in which I presented the community as a forest. Hopscotchers were trees, and some people said "I would be a willow tree!" I decided to make a quiz out of it. Since it will sort of be my first big project, I wanted music in the background. Unfortunately, I have realized that I need a LOT more practice. Since I want to publish my project relatively soon, I was hoping to ask one of you musically gifted Hopscotchers to make me some nice, calming music. So, if you want to do this, just recreate a segment of this song (link here) in a project, title it LGBT.Coder's Music Request, and say you entered here. The faster you could recreate it the better. Thanks guys!


Try Anonymous. He is great at coding music. :wink:


I cannot do it right now, but I might have time to do it later! Do you have any specific song requests? How about "heaven"? Search up my profile and scroll down to my "heaven" project :slight_smile:


I know, but I'm assuming he's busy. Plus, I wanted to meet some new people.


I could possibly try.... maybe :blush:




I think it's a true fact! :slight_smile:


I may be able to hope! I'm not as good as @BuildASnowman or @Anonymous, but I could try! :smile:


You don't need to tag me XD
Also, if you think so, make music every day :sunglasses:


I could do anywhere between 2 measures to 2 lines of that song, I'm pretty busy with the hobbit music right now.... BOT


I make my projects diverse! A game one day, a background one day, music one day, art one day, etc! I could easily become a music channel if I wanted to! :slight_smile:


@Kiwicute2016 docs? The general one (salutes) do you see what I did there


lol anonymous


@CosineStudios @Gilbert189 Thank you so much! I'm going to go finish the actual quiz. And I might combine both the projects, but whatever happens I'll give credit!


ok I'll try to do measures 18-24ish. those were my fav!
I might need a little time though sorry


It's ok! Thanks for offering to help. It'll definitely turn out better than when I tried. /:


Sorta off topic, but on topic at the same time.
How many trees are in the quiz? Are you done with it yet?
Also, if you want, I can add a few more trees.


Good luck on your quiz! I can't make music good. :confounded: All the music I can make is some songs I learned in the Viola, and that's it!


Sorry, off topic, but @SmileyAlyssa, how do you do viola music? Isn't HS music only treble and base clef?


Well I learn songs on the viola, and it's the same notes in every instrument. So I just use the song I learned and Hopscotchify it!

I don't really know. I'm not a musical person! I'm just forced to take lessons :stuck_out_tongue: