I need some ideas!


I need project ideas to make on scratch/hopscotch. I like using values, so if you have an idea that uses a lot of them, that would be great.

Please do not link me to a list of ideas. Those are generic, random ideas that do not work for me. Idea nukes are usually full of.. spammy ideas meant completely with the thought "quantity over quality".

yes, I am working mainly on pokemon go in HS. But I'm the kind of person that works better when they have two projects going at once.


Do you mind if I changed the title to "I need some ideas!" So you don't have to say 15 characters? :D


so you wouldn't have to say 15 characters :D


nu i meant why would i mind?


What kind of project do you want to make? A game! Trail/pixel/shape art? Something other than those?


Anything other than trail art i cant do trail art


You may not have much experience but that's not to say you can't


Game: maybe code/recreate a game you like or find one on the App Store!

Art: make an art thing (pixel art, shape art, trail art or drawing) of sonething!

Random: experiment with CoSine or the other maths blocks!

Website: make a scrollable website!


Mathew? Wat?

Rawrbear's list.

Hotel Manager Buisness Master iPod with Music Little Alchemy Stay Alive game through choices Space Game Racing (Space Race?) Draw a Character Make Your Own Character Illusions Shooting Star game/comet Drawing Pad multiple brushes [food or drink] maker Grocery store Coffee house Dodger Dinner Dash Stay Alive Veterinarian Coffee House Mall Manager A board game (Life, Monoply, etc.) A cooking game A spy movie A school movie A school simulator A simulator A maze Don't let the Pigs(animal) Pass In-Editor Scavenger Hunt Food launcher Create a store Chocolate maker Store owner Santa Simulator Clean the room Escape the room with riddles Something related to a green bear Stoplight simulator Make up some random music Survival Illusions Hunting simulator Golf simulator A drawing board with music and mini games Hopscotch in hopscotch Stargirl's adventure Underwater background Rayman run (check App Store) Subway surfers Minion simulator Pizza maker Mining master Pastry shop Working tv Boss fight Instrument Screensavers (like bubbles and ribbons) Find your cat POTATOES Working clock Soda simulator Science experiments Fossil digging Start a business Cinema simulator Temple run Own a house Sims Building game Plane game! Movie! Battle game! Hot air ballon game! Catch the apples! Music with chords! Cat game Cooking game! Puppy game! TV Hopscotch forums! 3D game 2D game! Cookie maker, cake maker, ice cream maker House simulator Dog simulator Cat simulator Music of some sort Combination lock Turtles Troll simulator Troll tips Annoying song iPad smashing simulator iPhone smashing simulator iPod smashing simulator iMac smashing simulator Cake smashing simulator Potato cooking game (the potato is the chef) Wii u YouTube Chef Game Make Your Own Food Animal Simulator Race Car Zoo animals Scanner iPad iPhone iPod MacBook Computer Apple logo iDevice Credit to @Dude73, @Huggingfluffybear, @smishsmash, all the editors of @SmileyAlyssa's list and @PopTart0219 for the lists! I just combined them



If you're making Pokémon Go, why don't you make Og Nomèkop? xD


Autocorrect -_-

I meant maths







Hehe, just saying, @happyfacegirl


Whoops. :grimacing::grimacing: i deleted it


Maybe you should do one of those intense driving games like Asphalt 8!


Haha I have several projects going on at once too!