I need some ideas please



I'm running out of ideas for projects on Hopscotch. So I've stopped using it so much. And it has been nearly1 month that I haven't made any projects on hopscotch. So do you have any ideas?


Hey @Pink_Cloud! Have you tried out all of the video tutorials yet? They can give you inspiration for other types of projects, and it's a great way to learn about cool tricks and specific blocks.

Or, another way I like to come up with ideas is to think about what games or apps I like to play on my phone, and then recreate it in Hopscotch!


@ian, would you mind to give some examples of game apps from your phone that you have recreated in Hopscotch?

That sounds like a neat challenge. :sunglasses:


@Oio Some were made into video tutorials, like Angry Birds and Geometry Dash. But some other simple apps like chess turn out to be pretty hard to recreate in Hopscotch.

I'd be uber-impressed if you figured out how to make 2048!


like wowzers
like hai