I need some help


I need all my topics to be in 'Help with Code' (exept the regular gym) so I can actually use them.
Can someone help???

I am not regular anymore, and I probably won't get the badge back. Cause school will start soon and I will be on the forum even less, but I will have HS :).


Done! I put all your lounge topics (besides the regular gym) into Help with Code. :D
I hope you get your regular badge back soon! :0


Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes :D


Why did you got demoted, @TheRainbowChicken?


Maybe I didn't read enough posts, Idk.


I also got demoted for some reason I dunno…


Same here

woi twenty chars? I'm just a smol potatoe


Everyone's getting demoted! Weird!




@Kiwicute2016 what do I need to do to get regular back?
Just curious...


Dis is a smol potato


Well it may be your flag amount. If not, read more.


Probs just be good n stuff.
But JIC (just in case), read more


She's not doing Regular Checkups anymore. ;-; You can still see some of your "Stats" by clicking your Summary in your profile. That way you can see how many posts and topics you've read, but unfortunately not how many you need to read. An easier way to earn Regular back is to click the 'New' tab at the top of the forum and browse through all the new topics there! Also, if a topic has a blue dot and "new" next to it, that means you should click on there too. Most people who are demoted from regular haven't read enough new topics. I find myself getting demoted often because of this. :slight_smile:
I'm doing this right now, actually! :3