I need some help!


Uh hey as you can see by the title I need some help! I need to know how to draw the different blocks (e.g Set Text, Leave a Trail, etc.)! Thanks!!


Hi @JesusGeek, do you mean drawing the blocks in a project like this:

If so, I made a template for this which you can open by clicking here. You can have a look at the code too :smiley:


Thanks!! Do you know how to make them be blocky???


Hi @JesusGeek yep you can make them blocky! To make them more blocky, you need to draw a rectangle. The basic code for drawing a rectangle is:

Repeat 2 times
    Leave a Trail Color: (whatever you choose), Width: (whatever you choose)
        Move forward (whatever you choose for the length)
        Turn 90 degrees
        Move forward (whatever you chose for the width)
        Turn 90 degrees

So what the code does is draw the length of the rectangle and turn 90 degrees (since that is the angle of a rectangle's corner). Then it draws the rectangle's width and turns 90 degrees to draw another corner. And it repeats this twice, since a rectangle has two long sides and two wide sides.

Here's what the code looks like:

You can change the colour to what you want, and also the numbers. I circled what number you have to change for the length, and what numbers you have to change for the width.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask if something isn't clear :smiley:


Thank you so much!!! That's super clear! You are so nice!!!!!


Glad it's clear, you're welcome @JesusGeek :smile: