I need some help to a new game


I gonna a do new game similar twin shooter.i need someone who nows what's sin and cos and he must have a project in featured If you can contest me in Spanish please else don't worry a know inglish


@CaPCode I'm not trying to be mean and say you are bad at English or anything, but I think it maybe better if one of the people (not me, I'm not either of those things) because, well, it took me a while to read that. Please don't take it offensive.
@CaPCode No estoy tratando de ser malo y que usted es malo en Inglés o cualquier cosa , pero creo que tal vez mejor si una de las personas ( no a mí, yo no soy ninguna de esas cosas ) , porque, bueno , tomó mí un tiempo para leer esto. Por favor, no lo tome ofensiva


hahaha tienes razon 20200000


I'm pretty sure he or she used Google translate, and it's not always the best.


ummm ... no sé si eso era culpa de Google o de su error tipográfico porque ' re no es nada en nuestra launguage hasta donde yo sé .


Hello kiwicute want to participate in a new game style stickman


if you need help just ask me or ask me or something and i'll try to help you but i may be busy but ask and i'll try. I think its cool to have different languages on the forum so good thing for google translate!

si necesita ayuda sólo me preguntan o me o algo preguntar y voy a tratar de ayudarle, pero puedo ser ocupados, pero pido y voy a tratar. Yo creo que es fresco a tener diferentes lenguas del foro tan bueno para google traducir!


Yes, me to! 20 characters


is this the real ss??


Si. tu puedes empezar ¿puedes dar el enlace?

Yes. You can start. Can you give me the link?


here I leave the link Animation https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xm7qiiwh7


¡Guay! ¿Te gustaría hacer un juego de plataformas de eso?

Cool! Would you like to make a platform game from that?


as you want, but I've made many games is style, and that you think stickman run better?


Aquí. voy a ponerlo en marcha.
here. i will start it.


En realidad , yo estaba pensando en hacer un juego terrestre. Iré publicando como Kiwicute -Backup.

Actually, i was thinking about making a running game. I will be publishing as Kiwicute-Backup


Don't know? Maybe??? Anyway, I replied when I had time to do this! No more! I can BARELY keep up with miss know it all!