I need some help, on a game


So, hopscotch is acting really weird, for me. This is a game of pixel texts, and many of you such as Intellection74, COAN, t1 and nindroidgames are familiar with. The "bugs" which are happening on my draft can't even be described.

So, 12-14 hours from now (when this was posted) I will be able to post a quick WIP of my project so whoever can check it out and tell me what is wrong.

I will describe further details later.

Thanks, BlastFusion.
(Please let me know when you want me to post a WIP, I don't want anyone to see it)


The iPad is a new one, BTW


@t1_hopscotch would you know why?


Hmm I'm probably not familiar with it but I'll be more than happy to help. If you are still on now, I can take a look if you like.


I think you could ask THT if they could check out the draft if you don't want to post a screenshot.


Thanks! Are you familiar with my earlier game, Dino Animation? Same Dino in this case.

I'll post a quick WIP.


I was about to email.

I do have a copy now (even though I may feel otherwise, I understand that you don't want to publish it publicly yet :D)

(I think it looks pretty awesome, and I just looked over your Dino Animation – awesome as well :slight_smile:)

So I am taking a closer look now... hmm what was not behaving as expected?
Edit: ah okay, you mean the Dino?


i removed the link, I don't want anyone to see the game.

All I'm concerned about is the enemy Dino. (Two texts on the right of the editor) what I want it to do is very very simple. But, it's not exactly working.

Just like a geometry dash game, spikes moves across the screen, moving left. The Dino should do the exact same. But, since it's a pixel text, the two texts (each is cloned therefore 4 texts overall) have different positions. And don't work well.

If you are looking at the values, Dino visibility just shows when the enemy Dino should be visible or not, the animation is the leg movement.

So, my question is, how can the black enemy dinosaur continuously moving across the screen in a correct, neat and proper way, without changing positions?

(The Dino should look exactly like in my Dino animation game, but flipped)


The colour change was a test to see which body wasn't working.


I was just thinking that you were using it to do that, which is a great idea β€” trying to isolate a cause :smiley:


You can change that back to black if you like​:slight_smile:


Hmm, you are talking about when the Dino parts suddenly separate, right (just correct me if I misunderstand anything)


Yep. When they Separate and sometimes go invisible.


Okay :blush: I think I will try what you did too, with separating each clone into a new colour to see if there's any consistency with which ones are disappearing/separating.
(Wow is it just my iPad or does the editor feel really laggy... whenever I try to edit a number, it takes 2-3 seconds to register the tap :frowning: it's okay, I'll just bear with it hehe.)


Yeah, it's slow i actually don't know why though?


Looks nice so far. You can make one of the texts always set its position to somewhere relative to the other, or maybe make a new value called "Dino X position" or similar and always set the dino parts' position relative to that.


Hmm yeah I don't think it should be that slow... oh well for now :confused:

from changing colours, at the moment it looks like the Enemy Dino Head is the one separating Position and changing visibility when it isn't supposed to, but I don't know if it's the original object or the clone so I will have to separate them further

-- oh wait, I understand more now :slight_smile: you have clones for the shadows of the main Head and body. So it was the clone that was not behaving as expected from what I could see


I've emailed the Hopscotch Team about this. They're working on it.


You saw it? Yeah, I was just about to email them. Pixel texts are very hard to use.