I need some encouragement


So.. I don't feel the urge from before. To code my hardest. I just feel like my projects don't make a difference. Or. I don't know, I just would like for some encouragement. Even a simple you are good would help. Heheh.. I am not leaving. And I never want to leave. But I haven't been coding much and need some support... Please?


I was and am a weak coder but I am notices, work hard


Noooooo! You are my fav coder


Me? I ■■■■ you ment hem/her


We love you! We support you! You're one of the community's favorite Hopscotchers!


Gee thanks


Remember that a day without coding is a day without living!


You are awesome, @Bubbles4Ever929! :D

Your projects are really cute, and awesome, and your posts are always funny and amazing! :D

Your roasts are something that I am not capable of coming up with. XD

Here's some encouragement...
Gives encouragement.

You can do this! :D
^ Le most encouraging thing I can come up with, it doesn't even fit with what we're talking about. ^

Your username is super cool, and creative! :D

You are super helpful, and nice! :D


Awww! @Rawrbear, the list could be very encouraging ;D

You are awesome and amazing @Bubbles4Ever929! I love your projects!

Every project makes a difference!

Here's some encouragement,


And it comes with a free potatoe!



When I make my projects, I just imagine their gonna get on featured and everyone will love it. That's works for me :slight_smile:


You can do it! Never give up!


If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. :smile::smile:


She isn't leaving. See...