I need some context



So... As some of you may know, I was gone for a month or two, (it was because I had a thing that I'd been working on IRL that was taking up a lot of my time) and I left when there was a little bit of flame concerning the LGBTQIA+ community and religion (specifically Christianity) and, apparently that exploded and a few people left??? I've gotten bits and pieces of what's happened but otherwise I am completely oblivious, and I want to know what happened. I need context. I'm not going to use this to get mad at anyone, I just want the whole story. Not summaries, not random mentions of want happened.

(I apoligize if this sounds rude to you)


So explain everything? :hushed::grinning:


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@Bananadog prefferably, yeah


Ok this might take a while. XD
What period of time to what period of time? :D (like February to April or something)

And of course @Intellection74!!! This will be from a completely unbiased, objective point of view. :D Thanks for saying that! :D


@Bananadog I was gone from like... Uh... I think sometime in April to late May?


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thank you!!! That's a lot more detailed then other explanations I've gotten :smile:

(That doesn't mean I don't want to hear other people's stories too)


Hello @AvocadoDont! Welcome back, i cannot give you the same kind of summary of what happened because i had no time to be on the forum for awhile...


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@comicvillestudios ya I know that (I was back like, the same day that happened XD)


@tankt2016 COOL!!! :D


Well actually...

Not all Christians are against LGBT. It kinda varies from church to church. Some christian churches are completely grossed out by LGBT, and some christian churches think that there is nothing wrong with LGBT.


That's REALLY ineapropriate! Please remove that meme from the meme folder! :neutral_face:


You used emojis ಠ_ಠ

What is the world coming to