I need prizes! Edit in whatever you want!


Hi guys! I'm holding a contest, hasbyou may know.

The contest ends on the tenth of November, and I need prizes for it. Please edit any prizes on the second post.


List of current prizes:


Cough global edit cough.


edit prizes:

follow from bluedogmc
a shoutout on hopscotch from bluedogmc
shoutout on the forum, in bluedogmcs bio!
a follow from @Madi_Hopscotch_
spam likes and a trail art request by SenseiCoder
art request from Enchy
A follow and spam likes from Enchy
A HighFive From LegendOfFridays
a drawing request from goobrgrlrye and cupcakemaniac1
Follow and likes from Komplettverrücktjunge (@KVJ)
Follow and likes from @DMF/DMFgames ★
Follow and likes from Candycane​:lollipop:/@Candycane
Follow and 5 likes from @CodePerfect
Follow, feature nominations and likes from @IKeudin
Follow, spam likes, and bio shoutout from @Dude73! :smile:


Is this okay style for the drawing request?


Wow, so many prizes >~<


Cool! :slight_smile:


Yah, anything is fine! :blush:


I see @DMF and @Candycane with surprisingly identical prizes :stuck_out_tongue: