I need new multiplayer game ideas



I know about the food fight video in the video tutorials, but I want to make other multiplayer games. Can you give me some ideas for an easy multiplayer game?

Ideas for a game?

A sword fight maybe? Or a contest to see who can tap the button the most before the timer runs out, maybe something like that?
If you're feeling up to the challenge, you could try to make a board game type project. Or, you could do a twist on the food fight and do a snowball fight or something summer themed. (It's summer here)

Tell me if you use any of these ideas!


How'bout a racing game. Where the cars are side by side and you have to use arrow to dodge obsticals and take jumps.


I will post a picture of a drawing of it in a little while.


Holding your finger contest whoever lets go looses


You can do a game where a charecter goes after another one while the one it's after is after another one. Each charecter can only attack one other charecter, which is NOT the charecter that can attack that charecter. Make sense?