I need music real bad!



Guys, I really really REALLY need music!!! So I a, holding s competition on Hopscotch. Please go to this link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xskqwzhjg and enter the competition! The music along with your name in the credits, plus lotsa likes and a shoutout! This music will be for my new game! It's pretty cool, I guess. And who knows? I've been rising pretty quickly- your name might be on a project in trending, rising, and possibly (I doubt) featured! So c'mon, enter the competition! I really appretiate it!!! Thanks so much!!!


I'll make it, and I WILL BEAT @FOLLOW4LIKESOFFICIAL!!! You will see me win! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:


I'm not good at music but I'll try SA. Can you help me make a game please?


Thanks so much I will probably give shoutouts to like whoever enters because I need it so bad! No one has remixed yet!


Wait, what theme should the music be in? Happy? Sad? Confuzzling?


I think you should specify for the music you are looking for... There are many types of music!


Yeah, that was the question I just asked above your post! :yum:


Really, it can be anything!!! It doesn't really need to be sad tho


I mean, what's the music needed for?


Sorry @Rawrbear posted same time.


Just a cool game!!!


I'm not the usual hopscotcher you will see with music, but I feel like entering.
I might fail tho :sweat_smile:


It might take a while to do it so I'll probably not win


Here ya go!


Sure lol you can choose anything I've ever made if you want


Could I help decide with you? I could look at all the entries and choose 10 I really like, and then you could decide from there? @SmileyAlyssa


Yep! Sounds good! Just look up #SA:blush:Music4Game!


Hey @Follow4LikesOfficial did you see any goodies yet?


I haven't checked yet! I'll try tho


K thanks!