I need music please!


Calling @Follow4LikesOfficial @Rawrbear because I need music for my game Shade Matser if someone could make music go to my profile SabotageWarning and click on shade master and please make music thank you!


Please anyone anyone


Can you give me a link please?


And can you make a project with a repeat forever loop with one of the notes and do all of them and name the project the note letters? I am on a computer right now.


The 2015 music video has some music. You can look at that for inspiration


Sorry, I'm still busy composing my surprise for @LotsaPizza, and I have a huge delay, because I lost my earbuds! :confused:


Rawrbear...? I thought... You were @OrangeScent1...!


Can you change your profile picture back to your original, it is done for now.


Nope. Believe it or not two different people...I think


I can help with music! What kind do you need?


Something nice, you can choose


Oh so when you ask for music everybody love sit and tells you how to do stuff and say they'll make your music and when I asked for a request a few days ago, not many people were hot on the idea.


Ok, it's not my fault tho... I don't control the people that respond


But...but you F4LO!


Oh. I mean well HI! Meme extreme? Uhhhh.........


Seems legit :neutral_face:


Well, F4LO can make your music! F4LO loves making musk ! F4LO loves memes!


Thaz legit.
F4LO is awesome. My projects are cool, too.