I need music! 202020202020



Hi everyone!! I'm day_dreamer.
I need help. I'm gonna need some background music for a project I'm working on. So I'd love it if you guys could make me a song. Actually, now that I think about it, I'll need --two-- songs.

 The first song will be a very emotional one. It'll be played at the begging of the game. It should be very sad and lonely.
 The second song will be happy and playful.

  Now I should probably tell you what the game is about. Here's a summary of what I'm going for. It's about a lonely comet flying through space. It wishes for company. One day it crashes into another comet. They never leave each other's side. But then... One of them has to sacrifice themselves to save the other one and.... Well.... Here's the link to the game that it's based off (http://www.the-end-of-us.com/)

   The creator of the song I like best will get a follow and as many like as I can give. He or she will also get credits in the project. 

    Thanks a lot everyone!!! day_dreamer out!!✌

Ps. If you have any questions just type it in in the comments and I will answer as soon as possible.


I don't need the prize, I'd rather give it out :slightly_smiling:

You can use this, just give credit (if your gonna use it)
(Give credit to YouTube and the artists for creating it/uploading it, and me for hopscotchifying it)



I can make you a song. What should the theme be like? Wait never mind. I forgot to read. Ok, I'll work on it and it should be out later today.


Thanks JonnyGamer. :+1::+1:


Wow! Thanks a bunch Follow4LikesOfficial. Pocket Symphony was really good. And I'll probably go for Don't worry you'll get the likes, credits and follow you deserve (if you win). I'll follow anyway. Love your projects.


Thanks! It's your choice, but if you do pick mine, please remember to give credit to the Internet, :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright. @Day_Dreamer, I finished it, hope you like it! :wink: If it doesn't fit with the game, just let me know and I can make a new one. Thanks!
Oh, and by the way, I'll title it To: Day Dreamer
You can find it in the JonnyGamer profile soon!
Published it! Hooray!


Hey thanks a lot both of you. I really appreciate your help.:sweat_smile::slightly_smiling::+1:


Hey JonnyGamer I just checked out your song, and I loved it:grinning: !!!!!


Thanks! Have fun making your game!