I need lots of help with my game so plz help me


I'm making a new game that is first Pearson and it will require a lot of teamwork plz ask if u want to help me cause remember it at least has to be so u can 360 degrease or all the way around so who's with me also @WinningMonkey can u plz help?


What I'm saying is u can look in a 360 degree angle so u can spin in circles it won't be easy but we can do it


If anyone wants to help me


I'm no good at this lol. Maybe have a look at Aster S's Escape the Maze game for help? Or use scrolling?


Oh ya I could make a scroll bar or arrow keys


Yeah scrolling would be good, like a panorama view!


Yeah and I was thinking like monsters


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Are you trying to make controls to move around in the game? Almost like how Minecraft is?

If so, I might be able to help.


Omg yes plz Help


Okay I have to get off my phone at this moment, I'll be back in a few minutes with a reply!


Ok bye



So when you have left and right and forward and backwards controls, you need 2 values. You might want to call these values X & Y, but it is your choice.

When the up button is tapped, you need to increase the Y value by 1. When the down button is tapped, increase it by -1.

The same goes for left and right, except with the X value. When the left is tapped increase by 1. When the right button is tapped, increase by -1.

To have objects, you need to make them invisible when the game starts. Then, pull out the check once if block. EXAMPLE: Check once if [Y] < [100]

Then, pull out another check once if block. Put it inside that other block. Do that same thing with the X coordinate. EXAMPLE: Check once if [X] < [800].

Then, it will have checked if that's true. Then make that object visible if it's true. But, then it will stay visible whenever it is bigger than those coordinates. Please pull in an expert coder to help explain that part and review the info I have given you on this, for some of it may be incorrect and I might not have realised it.

Good luck making your game! c:

EDIT: Oh my gosh! That took 14 minutes to type! XD


Thnx that was pretty helpful also can u plz get an expert coder


Depends on who you consider an expert :wink:

I'm no expert sorry


Like an expert expert like as smart as magmaPOP or like really smart


I'm afraid I just don't know…


It's ok


Maybe this project will help you: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xgdk0glw9 by Blue Fangio
Inside the code, the value Camera X is the x position of many objects which make it feel like you're turning in a 360 angle. The smallest it can get is -500, and the greatest 1524 to make the objects go on-screen and off-screen in a way that correlates with 360 (maybe 180) degrees. Camera X increases by the tilt to the left because it makes it more realistic than turning to the right (left inverts).
You could make new values or add addition and subtraction operators for objects not in the same position as others. :D