I need inspirational ideas for a project!


I want to convince my mom coding isn't a waste of my time. Do you have any creative ideas?


Just stop making topics and give your sister her iPad or whatever




It's me now. I got my iPad back.





Do something that affects daily life. Your mom will probably understand.


That's a great idea!


Oh NindroidGames, you always find a way. I'm going to use this for ideas now​:+1::+1::+1:


Thanks you! Good luck!
Some examples might be:


Tell your mom to google why you should learn to do it. Then she'll know it's not a waste of time.


I hope she googles why... She might ask me to explain it anyway...


I think the daily life thing is a good one​:+1:


Say "eventually, the only two jobs willl be programmers and engineers. Everything else will be done by robots." See if she believes it.


Yeah, coding affects daily life in so many ways.
Like computers and this device you're using now!


C'mon she's not that gullible.


Tell her you might learn to hack her Facebook if she says it is still a waste of time.


Hehe. Might be true. Only you'd also need repair people.....


When I take over the world, I'll do that.


Exactly! I want to be a lawyer when I grow up but I also want to code stuff.