I need ideas! What should I make for this weeks challenge?



What should I do for the thanksgiving challenge? I made a cooking game, but that was before it. I need ideas for what to make now.
Does anyone have any ideas? I like making games. I have no experience with trail art or pixel art lol. @BerryFOX help me out here lol.


I have some ideas...

Turkey Dash:

You are a turkey and you have to dodge obstacles, like geometry dash.

Pilgrim Run:

You are a pilgrim and you are trying to make a Thanksgiving dinner, except all the ingredients ran away! You have to try to catch them.

Make a Thanksgiving Dinner:

You have a plate and you drag random stuff onto your Thanksgiving plate.

Those are just a few ideas I have :D


Thank you! If I decide to use one of these, I'll tell you. :grinning::smile::smiley: