I need ideas to make money+I will be spending a lot of time off


Do u know what loom bands r? There big in the uk but I don't know about the u.s anyways u can make really cool bracelets and stuff with them that can sometimes take only 5 mins but there very pretty and u can buy a bags worth for 85 p in England.....


If I get enough money, I may get the subscription or something. But I'll most likely but music and merchandise, or I'll save it.


I have a bunch of loom bracelets! Problem is, the girls in my class what to sell those.


U could sell them too no one says u can't sell the same stuff if there make bracelets u could make charms there's some real simple ones on yt


What if you did the same idea, but expanded? Make necklaces, anklets, and rings, along with bracelets? Do every style you can make, and every color you can find. Make sets of jewelry, making them cheaper than if you were to buy them individually. Compare prices. Make competition a challenge, try to make yours better in every way possible.


Just make the art on a thick paper first. Then show @Jess888, then think about other things although it's good to be organized first but time waits for no one. U can add a carved design wood border. I'll help in any way I can.


Are you thinking about making jewels like necklaces and bangles?


Oh uh guys speaking about jewelry there's a school dance coming up....


U want to find the perfect outfit
Just kidding


School dance suc.ks stup.id kids dancing with girls who think there better with everyone else I always skipped them


Just saying great jewellery idea but I wouldn't mak anklets as there more appropriate for adult I don't want to wear them but Once this lady was selling them but she has this trick where the lach is broke and she grabs u puts it on u then says pay it won't come off but me and my mum run past her coz my mum told me that when she was young women that wore anklets.... basically it not appropriate but she tell me that's why there not approfor little girls lol and after what she said I totally get it lol but all other jewellery ye


I've never been to a dance and I don't even wanna go anyways.
Also, I agree with the anklets thing. Someone could grab your ankle or your blood thing could get cut off.