I need ideas to make money+I will be spending a lot of time off


Hi guys! So, my school's Winterfest is coming up, and I was told that we could get a table for ourselves and we could sell crafts there. So, my friend was telling me if I wanted I could sell my drawings, and I'm thinking about doing it because I am broke. I only have about $43 in my wallet and three of them are gross and rotten-ish. See, if you guys could give me ideas for crafts and drawings I could sell, I'd be able to make money and MAYBEEE get the subscription, buy some shirts (probably not HS atm), buy music, etc. To conclude, I wouldn't be broke and I'd have spare money in case I ever need it.
Second of all, I'm in the Battle of the Books club, and I, gonna end up reading about five to six books this year and I have to memorize a lot of things. If I want to compete, I'll most likely be spending a lot of time reading instead of coming on here.
Thirdly, school and family are literally taking up a bunch of my time. SO much time that I sometimes have to sneak my iPad while I'm sleeping at night. I hate doing that. So expect my new project to not come out for months.
Lastly, I need to get used to this time of year. Christmas shopping, politics, etc. I'll probably try and be on here every day, because,face it, even though you guys can be annoying, you are like my second family. There's the annoying or sweet younger siblings, and the mature and cool older siblings. THT are the parents. The fake accounts and public accounts and such are the pets. We're all a big family that I'm proud to be apart of.


Sell human portraits but not a specific someone. Human portraits earn lot of money :moneybag:. Or landscape or flowers :hibiscus:. Just anything creative.


Should I try Chinese brush painting, and regular portraits? Maybe you guys can give me requests for portraits of some celebrities I can sell! Great idea!


Yeah great idea. U can draw and paint celebs or famous past artist.


Like the winx club? :grin::grin:


Yeah. My fav show. Here are some of the pictures I drew of them


That's so good!!!!!!
OMG :scream::scream:


And many others. I drew each of the winx. I can show u if u want.


Thanks. My dad still says I should provide get better


Sure! Tag me in the drawing topic :slight_smile:

How would you change your avatar?

Tag u on the drawing topic? What do u mean. I'm new to the forum so I don't get most of the things.


There's a drawing topic.


Oh..... I will.......


Okay. I didn't say this would be easy to understand but what exactly should I do?


No offence but before u sell them maybe show them to me and I could help u price them on how good they r? If it helps that is coz I help price stuff in my dads shop and he sells my art


That seems interesting! :smile::smile:
Sure, once I finish one picture, I'll show it to you and you can help me price it.


I'm glad your trying to make time to be on the forum everyday. I know it's hard to try and balance HS with daily life. :D

Think about it this way: if you had unlimited money and could buy anything at a craft fair, what would you get? Look in magazines and ads, and maybe ask a few people you know what they'd like to see. I would try not to make something everyone will sell, but maybe put a unique twist on a classic idea. Lastly, do what makes you happy, don't overload yourself just to get money. :D


If u go to the drawing topic. Scroll down, U'll see another pic of the winx


Ok sure of course the cartoonnier the less but u could still get money for them and maybe watch some u tube vids on drawing realistic features and stuff then if u keep practicing before it's time to sell them and u get really good they could earn u a lot more money being realistic even just a simple eye drawing that's really realistic could get you money


I'm thinking of doing simple things but also doing harder things.