I need ideas on what to make on Hopscotch


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Since no one was replying to the other discussion when I was out of ideas again, I thought I'd make a more updated version to see if I'd get more ideas.
Credit will be given if I decide to use your idea.


Rawry has an awesomtastic list, or you can take a walk outside and get inspiration there! :smile:


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Weird Game Idea List

A game where a chair fell apart, and you have to put it back together piece by piece.
An "Adopt a Fruit" game. Yeah, you read correctly! XD
A "Create and Sell a Bed" game.
A game in a hamster's perspective, and you have to stay away from the owner you don't like.
A build an RV game.
A game where you select a weird newspaper article, and then you go around the block passing it out to everyone.
A game where you're inside the Hopscotch editor screen, and you dodge big blocks that people are dragging out.
A game where you travel through a plug and dodge the things that travel inside of it
A word guesser! Where you choose between the words on the home screen, and the players go through a series of questions about the word, and it guesses what word it was based on the questions!


Yay! I like wierd games!


N'one has summoned le nuke d' @Rawrbear


I am recruiting you guys to join my nuking army! Too many people are asking for ideas, and I need your help. Will you join me, @KVJ and @Dude73?


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/!\ Huge Idea List of Destruction! Warning: if this wasn't in a file folder, it would be considered as spam!

Rainforest music
My Pet Bird
Hotel Manager
Buisness Master
iPod with Music
Little Alchemy
Stay Alive game through choices
Space Game
Racing (Space Race?)
Draw a Character
Make Your Own Character
Shooting Star game/comet
Drawing Pad multiple brushes
[food or drink] maker
Grocery store
Coffee house
Duck Hunt
Dinner Dash
Stay Alive
Coffee House
Mall Manager
A board game (Life, Monoply, etc.)
A cooking game
A spy movie
A school movie
A school simulator
A simulator
A maze
Something 2.5D
An arcade game
Pixel art
Emoji pixel art
Don't let the Pigs(animal) Pass
In-Editor Scavenger Hunt
Food launcher
RNA Transcription
Create a store
Chocolate maker
Store owner
iPad or iPhone
Santa Simulator
Clean the room
Escape the room with riddles
Something related to a green bear
Stoplight simulator
Make up some random music
Gravity falls adventure
Hunting simulator
Golf simulator
A drawing board with music and mini games
Explore bikini bottom
Hopscotch in hopscotch
Stargirl's adventure
Underwater background
Rayman run (check App Store)
Subway surfers
Minion simulator
Pizza maker
Mining master
Pastry shop
Working tv
Camp half blood
Boss fight
Screensavers (like bubbles and ribbons)
Spa day
Wedding day
Find your cat
Working clock
Soda simulator
Science experiments
Build a bear workshop
Fossil digging
Start a business
Jurassic world
Cinema simulator
Temple run
Own a house
Building game
Plane game!
Battle game!
Hot air ballon game!
Catch the apples!
Back to bed (a game in the App Store)
Music with chords!
Secret colors!
Secret sounds!
Cat game
Cooking game!
Puppy game!
Hopscotch forums!
3D game
2D game!
Drawing pad
Cookie maker, cake maker, icecream maker
House simulator
Dog simulator
Cat simulator
Music of some sort
Combination lock
Super Hero Game/Movie/Draw
Troll simulator
Troll tips
Annoying song
iPad smashing simulator
iPhone smashing simulator
iPod smashing simulator
iMac smashing simulator
Cake smashing simulator
Potato cooking game (the potato is the chef)
Super Mario maker
Wii u
Chef Game
Make Your Own Food
Animal Simulator
Race Car
Smooth Backgrounds
Zoo animals
Locked Website
Dentist game
Text art
Baseball simulator
Drawing pad
MacBook Computer
Apple logo
Credit to @Dude73, @Huggingfluffybear, @smishsmash, all the editors of @SmileyAlyssa's list and PopTart0219 for the lists! I just combined them!


Yep! What does that entail?
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You shall paste this list to everyone in need of ideas. Join me, comrade. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I'm using cos/sine to make a 360 left-right scrollable landscape on Tynker. I wont explain how.
If it works out alright i'll copy the code to Hopscotch and use the set text to change the scenery from forest, to ocean, to desert.
If i make this on Hopscotch i'll post the projects link here and someone who wants to make a Pokémon GO game can use this.
@tankt2016 @AHappyCoder @Rawrbear


My suggestions:
Game: Something about potatoes
Trail Art: Your OC
Tapper: Chocolate tapper!
Art: A HSB drawing pad


You could make a would you rather game.
If you find some interesting arguments it could be funny.

For example: Would you rather not have values or not have colours on hopscotch
Would you rather keep this character or this one.

And at the end you see all the answers and then the person can publish his results.


Thanks @Rawrbear, @TromaxTheDestroyer, @StarryDream, @Stradyvarious, @Catface4 for the suggestions, they really helped! :slight_smile: