I need ideas on what to make next


I am out of ideas! I kinda of need some more! My new game (which I will be releasing soon!) is almost done and I don't know what I should make next! Please comment on what I should make! Then I will put them into a poll and see what you guys want!


Hmmm, I never have good ideas but maybe you could do trail art? You did a really good one with minioncandy.


Thank you so much! I made a toothbrush trail art I am just waiting for everyone to be on HS to publish it!


(Yeah, you might want to wait, it's really early...)


It's 6:21am here. What about you?


6:21 a.m., yep. I'm going to leave for thanksgiving today so I didn't turn off my alarm


Random.... so I'm on the forum


Cool… where do you live? It's okay if you don't want to answer.


I live in the grand state of Virginia... yay


Awesome! I was born there! I live in Maryland now!


Cool! I've lived in Virginia for a while though


Here's some brain juice:


Make a running game :stuck_out_tongue: