I need ideas on thank yous!


Many people have been saying awesome things about me thanks a lot it meens a lot to me but see I am saying the same thank you messages over and over again and ideas on to mix it up? Thanks! From the fluffy bear.

enjoys my topics? Make sure to shove your whole family into the like button for more!


I do enjoy them! They are very through and make a great decusion! You've done a good job!


my mom is mad that i shoved her face in the tiny heart in the screen

not really


Make poetry I mean my name ain't PoetryDragon or any thing


I mean like saying

Wow thanks a lot!

And "that means a lot to me!" I don't know any other thanks to say!


"Thank you so much for _______"
"I hope you code safely"
"Thanks I hope your project ______ gets on featured"
"Watch out rising I think ______ is heading up to the top"
"I wish I could give you a piece of candy but the internet doesn't work like that"


I use the feature one a lot but thanks!


Can @Follow4LikesOfficial of @PopTart0219 close this?




Can you close this again?


Don't re open it afterwards


I don't see anything wrong with it, so that's why it's open. If you want it desperately I can close it


Yes I kinda really want it closed because then people will feal like "you are copying others thanks and it's to you saying it!