I need ideas for games, please!



I need ideas for games and stuff like that, please reply with answers, whatever you suggest, I probably will make it. While you reply, please give me a description and specific details about it... Don't worry, I will give you credit. At the bottom right it will say Made by: EtherealDrumstick and Credit to: (You) Oh yeah I almost forgot, please give me your Hopscotch username. (So I can give you credit)

Well, that's it...


I thought you were @Anonymous for a second there. :joy:
Also, @Rawrbear, we need da nuke!!!!
Actually, nevermind...


lol xD same here!

And yes, the list will be a good help!


Nice avatar!


Maybe some Easter music!


I'm sorry, I'm bad at music unfortunately, do you want to suggest another?


Why are you @EthrealDrumstick? I know you're @Anonymous.
Wait, you're not.