I need hopémon go code help! (Solved)


I was coding Hopémon Go, when a glitch occurred!!! If you choose raccon as your starter Pokemon, then Dino will also show up on raccoons stat screen! Here's what I mean!!

You can tell me how to fix it here: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y6lqt7o1e
remix with the fixed code! Thanks!


I'll tag @BuildASnowman since he's a great coder!


How about taking a picture of code?


Which Dino was the one that showed up? I might be able to help!


Dino would show up on raccoons stats screen.


Also, browser mode doesn't work.


I know, but there were multiple Dinos (at least 4) in the project. Which Dino showed up on the stat screen?


I'm... Not exactly sure. I'll check the code to see which one!


It's either Dino 4, or Dino 3 2 2


I think it's Dino 3 2 2. But when I remove Dino 3 2 2, the raccoon also disappears!!


Hm, weird!

Can you take pictures of the code for the Monkey, Dino, and Raccoon that show up on the stat screens, like @TheGreenBanana suggested?


Oh... I fixed it! I had to delete raccoon 5!!! Thanks everyone!!


Can you make one topic for your Hopemon Go? There's been a lot of topics about this. :wink:


I think this specific topic is fine, and this wouldn't get much attention if it was in the main topic. But the other topics are getting spammy. There is a topic announcing the game, a topic for one version, a topic for another version, and probably more.


Ok. I'll work on that topic! It is getting cluttered!


How are you doing on Hopémon Go? When will it be released?


This is a big update, so... Maybe a week. Maybe a week and a half with school! I might release little bug fixes in between though!


The final release will be in a week? I'm going to try it when you release it.


Question about HG, why do the characters look all piled up when you play?


Oh, are you playing the browser version? In that case, the game will not work. :frowning: