I need help with values


im making a game for the contest and I need to use values for it... I know what values are, but I'm not good at using them. Can anyone help?


I can help! Post the code you need help with and I will look into it!


What do you need the Values to do? Anything specific? I'd be happy to help you out!


I'm great at using values, but I have to go.. tomorrow.


Jus put random numbers and stuff

It'll work trust me


@MR.GAM3R thank you for offering help, but it's actually the game I'm making for the contest and I don't wanna post it yet :sweat_smile:


I need the values to add up for specific things, and in the end when the game is over, reset them. I have the basic idea on how to do it, but every time I try to use them I mess things up. I'm not good with them at all.


I would be glad to help. Just tell me what part specifically the values aren't working for. Maybe a screenshot?

I've got to go to bed, hope I can help tomorrow!


I'm not good with values


Thank you everyone for offering to help me :smile: I got an idea of how things might work, I'm gonna try it out