I need help with some physics work and 3D strategy


Hey guys if anyone of interested in helping me with some ball physics and 3D work please tell me I need the help asap


Like how do I make something spin?


@trevcoding can help with that


I think I know a guy...
Oh wait nevermind they good with trail art


Use angles. Hehe.


Dude.....o my gosh this is why I have contemplated quiting hopscotch fr the forums for helping out i dont need to waste time reading ur jokes or I would have done it on a general topic


Ok. What do you mean by turn? Making a circle visibly turn? I think I would use a white circle with some invisiblity using Cosine in the X axis.
Maybe with Modulo.


Hi @LegendOfFriday. What exactly do you mean by "spin"? There is a Turn block, I assume you want something else?


Like if it was a graph I want it to rotate on the z axis


This might help you:


Yeah, the project that @MR.GAM3R posted is really coo! I recommend that you check out it. I have made 3D projects too, but they can't really move and they are made of trail art. But check them out as well if you think that they could help.