I need help with sine and cosine!


Are the any lessons or classes that someone is making on Hopscotch about sine and cosine cause I need help


cough cough @friendship2468 cough cough

sorry! I have a cold again




That's my sine and Cosine lessons. I hired a Hopscotcher to teach a class of students at the hopscotch school. There's no more spots, snsijdwyamsyaabasmte.


But @SabotageWarning can still read the classes, correct?


Misa likeys back! Misa happy!!


So can I enter as student


Fine, only if you go to every class. I'll tag you in the topic.


Can you tag me too @friendship2468? I just want to learn some more. I will not reply, but I will read it.


I asked my mom what sins and codes were all I understood was mathematical triangles and that pizza thingy.


I'll be needing them for the Mathematica Centrum which is a Canadian math contest


There's no more spots and I can't make more exceptions. Sorry.


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When you do math club, only do stuff that helps with their real life math eg multiplication, division SONSO...


I edited the title since it wasn't very descriptive :smile:


But can I just look at the stuff @friendship2468? But you still don't have to tag me.
@SabotageWarning made this good video for Sine And Cosine


Then why does s\he need help with it....


Wow, maybe it is something really hard that involves with really intense math?


He's right I want it for intensive math

P.S. I know my voice sounds embarrassing so please don't laugh at me if I do sound embarrassing to you lol