I need help with portal physics



I'm trying to make a Portal game thing on Hopscotch, but I can't get the portals to work right. I always keep falling through the floor every time I go through a portal, and the orange one just doesn't work! And the gravity is glitchy. Can I get some help on this?


What's Portal? Do you want to make the game that's called Portal or a regular Portal?


The game Portal, but just an empty room.


Can you give us a link, so we can look at the code?


Sounds really fun! I'd like to help but as Dude73 said, we'd need the link.



So, is anyone changing the code to make it work? Is anyone doing anything?


I don't really see the problem...


Have you TRIED infinite falling? It's glitchy and whenever you stop you fall through the floor!


To fire portals, tap the circles, then tap the surface you want to place one on.


Almost all the code is in the person.


Hey @Healeybot1. Let me check out the code first.


Since you only have the floor to stop the character from falling, the gravity will be pretty simple.

This is the basic gravity.


When 7=7 to When Game Starts, Repeat Forever
because it's less glitchy.
I forgot who did research about that, though..


Yea, that's right. It was Thinbuffalo :D


I tried that, and this happened.


The Velocity variable was set to 500 in the beginning, that's why it disappears.

Also, you can change the amount that Velocity is decreased by to give a more realistic effect.


The floor still doesn't work, tho.


Good news! I finally fixed the floor and main portal functionality, and released it as beta 8.5!

Now I just need help with relative momentum.


Turns out the floor wasn't working because I had it set like this:

when (Self) bumps (Platform)
Set (TouchingFloor) to (1)