I need help with my TETRIS game!



I need help with making my game that you might all know......TETRIS. I'm trying to think of how to fix how I did it but I can't. THIS IS SO HARD I CAN'T DO IT!

Try and think how to fix it:

(P.S.: it lags so much when you press start!)


yep... that is a problem... I'm sorry, but in order to know how to fix it... it needs to run faster... :confused: and hopscotch in not very capable of this, as it runs on an iPad, ik your thinking: but it can run games w/ great, not Tetris block based graphics.... well, I'm sorry, but those blocks have to be rendered pixel by pixel, just like any other game... and in order for hopscotch to run on an iPad, it needs to be translated like 30 times... which creates a problem when trying to run hi-speed projects, you're barely able to run (guesstimate here) say,
256 Kbps, as that 256 kbps is stacked higher each time you translate it... sadly that is the case... sorry to say it, this project cannot run smoothly on hopscotch


it would be easier to make the game Dr Mario. you are just rotating 2 blocks at a time.


Humph.......that's tricky