I Need Help With My Subscription


@Liza I need help with my subscription! Remember how we had the PM about how it wasn't working? You gave me the free trial and that worked but the week is over. I still don't have the subscription that I payed for. Sorry if I sound a bit mad, it's just my parents really don't want that money going to waste.
Please help!!


Agh! I forgot it was Memorial Day Weekend! They probably won't see this until Tuesday!!


oh​:grimacing: i'm sorry it's not working​:grin::grimacing:


It probably ended up glitching out thinking it gave you the subscription already. You paid during your free trial right?


I payed for a whole year and then I didn't get the features. Liza and I had a pm and she tried to help me. I got a free trial for my troubles but I still don't have the features


omg wait
what if @system was trying to steal your money


What an evil bot.


Oh no! That's horrible! I can't help with your troubles, but I wish you the best of luck in getting it resolved!!


Liza, please help!!


Ugh, this is bad... We don't want 100 bucks going to waste.
Maybe the money wasn't in your iCloud account?


Oh no! I can't do anything to help, unfortunately, but I hope you can get this problem resolved quickly.


Maybe email the hopscotch team?


@Liza are you on? Please help!


@Rodrigo @asha @Meg
Can you guys please help me?


Why is THT hiding from me? They were last seen a few minutes ago! Please come back!


@Liza your last post was two minutes ago! Please come!


Liza I don't think is on, I pretty sure it's just an automatic PM for someone getting a post hidden due to flagging ;-;


Oh. Noooooo


@Liza are you on? It's Wednesday now...


I really need help with this!! It's been 4 days since I made this topic and I really need help!