I need help with my game


I want to make a fishing line that you can make go up and down, and get fish to stick to it for a game of mine. Plz hlp meh!


Hay there! Welcome to the forum! I'm Jamie, and you can @ me anytime if you need help or just want to chat. Happy Hopscotching! The forum is a pretty chill place :wink:. Here's a topic you might wanna check out:
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I could help with colors and stuff...but other then that I'm not much help...maybe you could use the tag list? ( It's a list that tags all users that add their name to it, you'll get the attention of like 40 people. Just search up 'Official Mass Tag List' copy, and paste.)



To move the line, use the Change Y block to your tastes.
Getting fish to catch on it is a bit trickier because sometimes it might not be in the exact same position as the tip of the line.
I can get the code tomorrow! :smiley:


@ChocolateFox @TheRainbowChicken I'd focus on the question and then say welcome, but that's just me.

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I can help (maybe)!

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