I need help with my game on Hopsoctch


Hi I really need help with this game! It's a drawing game so if anyone can help that would be great! I

That's the code I need help finishing the heart


Could you show the code bigger, I can't read it :sweat_smile:




Is it supposed to be that you want to draw with your finger, or have the picture draw itself?


Could you paste a link to your project?


It draws for you.:wink: Cool right?


Ok here it is


Looks goood so far! :wink::yum:


What are you trying to make it draw?


A heart, :relaxed: A sideways heart


So, what is it that you need help with?


Finishing the heart in the picture


Can you guys play the game I nominated in featured? I am REALLY REALLY desperate! Sorry to bother your conversations, :flushed:


The topic by the way.


Sorry I took so long. Here is the link to the project. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtgfen5rh


Is that good, or is there something I should change?


Tip: You can Set Angle to _ for the character before the trail begins! This way, it can easily be upright!
For example, this:


Try looking up on HS different ways to draw models ect


She said she wanted it sideways