I Need Help With My Bio



Hey guys!
So, I've been meaning to change my bio for a long time, but I have no idea what to put in it!
I want it to be something like @PopTart0216's bio, the one where she's like:
I'm PopTart0219 (omg really)
So yeah...I'd really appreciate some help on this!

secret stuff

I'm secretly Taylor Swift, and I'm planning to expose it in my new bio
also why does poptart talk in all lowercase?

I keep having trouble copying the mass tag list, so can someone post it for me? Thanks!


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Your bio is yours. Write it however you want. Add whatever you want in it. :slight_smile:


Some people just think it's annoying to capitalize letters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For your bio, I would just be yourself! You can make it long, short, descriptive, or really anything that fits you.


Thanks, but I just don't know how to write it, and what to put in it! T^T

hmmm i guess but my autocorrect just makes it a capital! and same thing as i said for KVJ


Well it's a biography so describe yourself. Write about yourself, your interests, your HS projects and Frens and all that :wink:







Can we GBOT please?


u forgot meh ;-;


probably cuz she's uses a computer and when u use a computer u dont automatically go uppercase, u choose it! I'm on a computer now, so thats why I'm on lowercase!
hope this makes sense!


I try to be funny in my bio but it never works ;-;


I like your bio!


Please use the updated tag list. I took my name off two weeks ago. :)


warm fuzzy smol wafflz


Just make it whatever you want!! Don't try and make it something your not.


I need help with my bio too!
My bio is so weird.. :3


Lol :joy: Mine is wierd / boring / long so don't worry :wink:

off topic stuff

That dog. On the right of your profile pic. Doesn't it look like my dog?