I need help with clones!


I don't understand clones at all! Can someone please explain in a really simple way?


Check this topic! It explains self and clones very well!

A simple way to explain it is: A clone is a duplicate of the original text. You can change a clone in the "object is cloned" and use them for different purposes.


Thanks! I knew what they were, I just didn't have a clue how to use them!


@IKeudin, hello! It was a long time since I saw you on here! I suggest that you look at the tutorial @BlastFusion posted, it is really good and easy-to-understand!


I can!
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Clones are used for many things, such as bold text, grids, and the pixel art grid I made for your featured project. These are only a few uses, though.

When an object is cloned, the lone goes to the original position of the object. If you want to change it, use a when object is cloned when block. If you want multiple clones to do different things, use self variables.


Thanks! I took a break :slight_smile:


Thanks! That's really handy! I find they all move with the original after a while, is that normal and how can I stop it?


That might be because they use the same rules as the original. If you have a rule "when iPad is pressed, move forward 10" all clones plus the original will move. You can fix this by having a value that tells if the thing that executes the "move forward" is a clone or not.

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Thanks! I was just
When game starts
Create a clone
Move Forward 10


What's the code of the object?


Oh, that'll do it too.


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Yeah, I'll restart them now!
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