I need help with backgrounds


A lot of people make cool backgrounds on hopscotch....and I want to make them but I don't know how.....can someone help me?


Let me fetch a link. :smiley:


I would like to help you, but I can't see the picture. Here's a like!

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Here it is!
Darn, what's happening?!


What IS happening? Maybe it's a glitchy topic?


Yeah probably....i will post the picture again


I couldn't get the link.

I can now!

Look in the code!

It's a shoutout project.


Can u see the picture niw?



Did you look at the link?


Yes! Thanks, @BerryFOX! And to @tankt2016, for some reason it's [the link] is just taking me to the featured slide.


Your welcome! Your really nice!


I can make simple backgrounds, not like that. I think you're better off with Tankt. Sorry!


You can check the code of others' smooth backgrounds on Hopscotch, and use their code. You can even add or change colors and experiment with different transitions! :smiley:


Ok! I will do that! Thanks!


here is a guide on how to make a smooth background @BerryFOX


  1. make two values

  2. set both to 1

  3. grab a leave a trail block

  4. drag out a set value block and drag that value off the set value block to the leave a trail block

  5. drag out 2 set position blocks and have one y position to 900 and the other to 0

  6. set the x to your value you didn't use

  7. drag a reapet block and set it to 550

  8. drag out 2 change value by blocks and set them to 1 and use the value for your x position

  9. drag the 2 set position blocks inside the leave a trial block and put the change value by blocks in between them then drag the leave trial block inside the repeat block

and your done!!!


possibly too late


That's a glitch I think.

I had that a thousand times in this update!


BTW does anybody know how to make music on soundcloud?


Thank you so much! I will use this!


ur welcome Berry FOX