I need help with a project!



Im making a game called 'Riddles!' Basically it just generates a random riddle, and when you think you have the answer, you can click a button and it will tell you the answer. Im pretty sure its a glitch but I do not know. When I click the button sometimes it won't work. The code I used is
Check once If riddle = 1
Set text to blah blah blah
Else: check once if riddle = 2
Set text to blah blah blah
Else: you get the point.

If you need screen shots I can give them to you but there will be a lot since the code is so long. Thanks!


You shouldn't use Else. It'd be better if you do:

Check If Riddle=1

Check If Riddle=2


Try that.


Yeah I figured I would have to do that. I just honestly didn't want to because i have like 30 things on there and i have to check a website every once in a while and its super laggy :persevere:


You would have to have done that anyways, it would've just been nestled within each other.