I need help with a project


I am trying to make Tetris but can't figure it out


Um can you please be a little specific


What exactly do you need help with?


I am trying to get the blocks to go down but it is not working


I am working on the create a clone thing


To make something go down:
Change Y by negative ______


I get that part but it won't turn not invisible


Set invisibility 0 percent


Are you able to get on hopscotch now?
I can post it and you can look at it.


What's you username? Links don't work at the moment. I'll do it for as long as I can because I'm at camp.


Hang on something in the code got messed up


I see your account. Post it when you're ready.


I just remembered that the internet won't work​:disappointed:

I can't post it


How are you on the forum if you don't have Internet?


Thx for trying to help


Only on my ipad

This is cause I have to do 20 characters


If you want something not to be invisible, you put 'Set invisibility 0.'

Welcome to the forum! ⎌If you ever need help, ask me. :D


Welcome to the forum :D
Do you still need help?


Nope. The check once thing isn't working for some reason.


Screenshot, please.